Bologna – Gastronomy and nightlife

Bologna – Gastronomy and nightlife

Visiting restaurants, Bars and nightclubs form the core of Bologna's social life, and some osteria in the city combine these three functions, because they are open until late at night. The authorities also made an attempt to stem the mass exodus from the city in August, organizing a summer art festival, with evening concerts and video shows in the courtyards of public buildings. It's also good to be here during the Ferragosto period, when they all hatch in the hills of one of the parks outside the city for all-night fun. Information on this can be found in La Mongolfier's biweekly newsletter, where details are given in Italian, but they are easily decipherable. II Bo can also be useful, weekly magazine with announcements and some information, covering a large area around Bologna.

Boarding: snacks, cafes and restaurants

Bologna is nicknamed "La Grassa" (oily), because the local culinary tradition focuses on calories rather than creativity. Weight, which is attached to food here, it is indeed exaggerated. People come from far away, to eat in restaurants, which are considered the best in the country, and even in modest restaurants and many spicy dishes are of the highest quality; the lack of a menu at the door and a sophisticated interior design means, that the place is worth being interested in.

It's best to go to Impero for breakfast, via Independence 39, where they make excellent croissants and cakes. In the afternoon, you can grab a bite to eat at Buffet della Stazione in the train station, where the tagliatelle are tasty or ask for your food of the day - if you eat at the bar, the prices are unbeatable. On the second day, at via Indipendenza 33 i via Ugo Bassi 10, the best pizza places. La Torinese Lettuce, under the vaults of the Palazzo del Podesta, Piazza Maggiore, serves quiches and stuffed vegetables. Roberto, via Clavature 18, it's a small bar with sandwiches and lunchtime meals. On the same street, no 7 there is also rosticceria, where you choose something from ready-made dishes, which are then heated; is sitting at the counter.

In restaurants, pork dishes are the most tried, spaghetti and dairy products, and it would be a shame to come to Bologna and not eat the local delicacies; after wandering around the city, you can find a place, where a full meal costs 15-20000 L. Good, via Zaragoza 88, offers very good Emilian cuisine, as did Lamma on via dei Giudei 4, a popular place with a pub atmosphere. For family Bolognese dishes, go to Fantoni in via del Pratello 11 .one of the oldest streets in the city. Buca San Petronio by the Church of San Petronio, via Museums 4, serves more refined, but traditional dishes, and in the summer there are several tables outside. Center, via Independence 45, the Dachshunds, via Ugo Bassi 8, are open until 2.00 and serve high-quality, quick dishes in comfortable conditions. The Grassilli restaurant is much more expensive, via del Luzzo 3 - unforgettable experience, but you have to reserve a table. Chlorophyll, Strada Maggiore 64, specializes in vegetarian cuisine, he serves crescente ripien and lots of salads; Today Si Vola przy via Urbana 7 is a non-smoking macrobiotic restaurant.

Only for a drink, the most fashionable Bolognese go to Mocambo, a tiny bar on via d'Azeglio; there are also many good bars in and around via Zamboni, in the student district. We Frule, na via Clavature przy Piazza del Francia, they make very good frullati. The Turin, Piazza Re Enzo, serves great hot chocolate. It's best to go to Gianni for ice cream, via Montegrappa 11, a block via Indipendenza, or buy them at one of the kiosks around the city walls (III-X). There is also Pino, na via Castiglione, the main branch of the best chain of ice cream parlors in Bologna.

Shops and markets

A visit to a Bologna grocery store is very intriguing, especially between Piazza Maggiore and Due Torri; w Tamburini, at via Caprarie 1, the choice of food items makes you dizzy. There are also fairs in the city center, including two indoors. Herb Market, via Ugo Bassi 2 (pn.-sb. 7.15-13.00 i 17.00-19.00, closed. all Thurs. and Sat. in the afternoon), he is the biggest and liveliest, with over a hundred stands, which sells everything, what's edible. Market at via Clavature (same opening hours) it is similar in character; there is also an open air market in Piazza Aldrovandi, along the Maggiore Strade - the smaller one, food and floral, closed Tuesday afternoon. From supermarkets, it's best to go to the Co-op in via Montebello 2 behind the station — this is the Emilian network, which symbolizes the cooperative traditions of food production in the region. And finally, there is also La Montagnola, open air market in Piazza VII Agosto on Fridays and Saturdays, from dawn to dusk, where virtually everything is sold, but it is worth going there especially because of the new and used clothes.

Nightlife: osterie and club

Osterias have been the core of Bologna's nightlife for several hundred years – these are English pub type establishments, open late, where you go for a drink rather than to eat, though you can get some snacks (rather expensive). Funeral, at via Bertolini 2, near the university, it is a lively and noisy osteria, with full meals at reasonable prices. W Orsa, via Men tana 1, they play jazz in winter. Poets, via Poets 1, near Piazza Cavour, it cultivates a long tradition: in this old palazzo the osteria has been in existence since the 17th century. The prices are not excessively high, and sometimes a band performs here. Biassanott, na via Piella, is another place with a social atmosphere, open until 4.00; Nameless, via Senzanome 42, offers good meals and a wide selection of beers and wines. Marione, at via San Felice 137, close to the city gate, to stara, a smoky and dark pub, with good wine and snacks. And finally in Osteria delllnfedele, on the way to Jerusalem, there is good cheap food, but it's worth coming just for a drink as well.

There are also a lot of discos and clubs in the city. Cassero, Door Zaragoza 2, located in the city gate, it's a gay club, with a cafe and bookstore, open daily. Zelig, via Porta Nuova 9, to klub, where elegant outfits are obligatory. In summer, a dance area is organized at Giardini Margherita. You can also dance at the Kinky Club, Two Towers Gallery 1, but entry controls are very tight here and you need to dress decently (Thu-Sat. homosexual evenings).

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