The capital of Emilia, BOLOGNA, entered the period of economic boom in the 1980s and the local computer industry brought wealth to old brick palaces and squares with porticoes. In the past, the city was known mainly for its cuisine, undoubtedly the most varied one in the country, and, of course, his political inclinations. From the end of the war, "Red Bologna" was the fortress and spiritual center of the Italian Communist Party, Therefore, it is no coincidence that it is here that fascist groups have carried out the most cruel terrorist act since the war - blowing up a railway station in 1980 r.

Bologna is perhaps the most beautiful city in Italy after Venice. City center, surrounded by the ring road, it is built on a medieval plan: a series of streets radiate from the great Piazza Maggiore, whose houses are made of red brick, covered with tiles, are decorated with balconies. Monuments and curiosities will be enough for many days of visiting, but the city is delightful in itself, the university and enlightened city councils take care of this, so that there is always something interesting going on here (Theatre, music, perfect summer festival), The cafe and bar scene is one of the liveliest in all of Italy. The only problem is expenses: Bologna's newly acquired prosperity is reflected in the cost of living, belonging to the highest in Italy, the city beats even Florence and Milan in this respect; nightlife in particular can be a heavy strain on your pocket, and finding cheap accommodation can be very difficult.

Drive, information and communication

When you drive to Bologna by car, you cross the modern feira district, showroom of northern Italian industry, where fairs are still held, and factories and the maze of highways contribute to air pollution. Bologna airport ( 311578) is located northwest of the center and is connected to the train station by bus no 91 (2 for an hour). Railway station (• 246490) is located in Piazza delle Medaglie d'Oro, near Porta Galleria, and this is where all long-distance trains come; long distance buses arrive at the bus station ( 235105), on the square Piazza XX Settembre. Information is available from the EPT office at the airport and train station (pn.-sb. 9.00-19.00, nd. 9.00-13.00) and the main office at l / d Piazza Nettuno (pn.-sb. 9.00-12.30 i 14.00-19.00;239660), offering brochures with a program of cultural events, plans and other tourist materials; you can also reserve a place in the hotel here.

The best way to get around in the city center is on foot: This way, it is easier to appreciate the beauty of the network of porticoes and squares that make up the centro storico, and it is so small, that it's better to save on bus tickets. However, if you want to get from place to place quickly or get out of the center, buses run! efficiently and often. Tickets (600 L) purchased at tabacchi and valid for any number of journeys in any one hour. Information at the booth at 1/1 King Enzof square (239754 i 248374).


As for accommodation, Bologna is not geared towards tourists, least for people, on a shoestring budget: there are a few cheap hotels and an uncomfortably located campsite. The EPT maintains a hotel list and makes room reservations (look up), you can also go straight to one of the places listed below.

As usual, the cheapest is the city youth hostel, 6 km from the city center in via Viadagola 16 (•» 519202), where for IYHF members the bed fee is approx 10000 L. Bus no 93 takes me to the door, but it only runs until. 20.15 during the week and until 14.15 on Saturdays; then you have to take bus no 19 from via Irnerio and walk the rest 1,5 km (curfew 23.30).

Bologna has this advantage, that some of the cheaper hotels are relatively close to the center. Fiorita guesthouse, via San Felice 6 (» 229560), a block via Ugo Bassi, it is run down, but still profitable, with doubles after 35000 L. Pensione Nem behind the station, at via Serra 7 (•» 369893), it is popular with backpackers in the summer and has clean, unsophisticated rooms after 33 000 L, and nearby is the notable latteria. Farini guesthouse, in the shade of Due Torre in via Farini 13 (• 271969), has deuce since 34000 L. Orologio is a bit more expensive, via IV Novembre 10 (• 231253), with rooms after 46000 L facing out onto Piazza Maggiore. You need to book a room in advance, because there is always a full set. There is also a nice atmosphere at the Hotel Accademia in via Belle Arti 6 (» 232218) in the university district, and the price is around 50 000 L.

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