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The nearest international airport is in Pisa, which has direct train connections to Florence Santa Maria Novella Station; the journey takes an hour, and tickets are purchased at the information desk inside the terminal building. When you come to the city by car, it is best to park it outside the city center and take the bus - there are car parks in the city center (e.g.. at the train station), but due to traffic restrictions and the parking ban in the historic quarter, they are even more crowded than before.

Orientation is simple - from the station in Piazza del Duomo it is only ten minutes walk along via de'Panzani and via de'Cerretani. The vast majority of major sights are within minutes of the cathedral. It's best to walk in the city center, but if you need to get somewhere quickly, a longer distance, you can use the orange A TAF buses important 70 minutes tickets cost money 800 L and can be purchased at tabacchi and vending machines throughout Florence. Most routes either start, or it runs past the train station.

Information on monuments and events in Florence can be obtained from the APT main office on the first floor via Tomabuoni 15 (pn.-sb. 9.00-13.00; 216544); there they hand out blueprints sufficient to move around the city, brochures on a range of topics and a journal entitled “Concierge Information”, where the current opening hours and admission fees are given. Information on the province of Florence is available from the EPT in via Manzoni 16(pn.-pt. 8.30-13.30 i 16.00-18.30, sb. 8.30-13.30; * 2478141). In summer, there are small information desks in front of the train station (8.00-20.00), near the baptistery of Loggia di Bigallo (9.00-18.00) i w Chiasso dei Baroncelli, tuż koło Piazza della Signoria (16.30-22.30); there you can get maps and learn about the topography of the region, but information on overnight stays is not provided.


Finding cheap accommodation in Florence is a problem most of the year — prices tend to be high, standard niski, and the invasion of tourists rarely wears off. From March to June and September, there are plenty of signs saying “Completo”, because these are the favorite times for school trips, and fall is also the season of Florentine fashion shows. It is not better in the summer months, but the stuffy climate of Florence does not encourage a visit at this time anyway. In fact, arriving without a reservation from Easter to October is a high risk, and it is not uncommon for all one- and two-star rooms to be fully booked in the late morning. Homeless people should try to get a list of addresses and telephone numbers of hotels in nearby towns published by the tourism department {List of Hotels), informing about appropriate communication connections; In summer, it is usually available at the station information desk.

The quickest way to find a room is to make a phone call from the station - you can buy a magnetic telephone card in the window next to the luggage room (telephone cards), so as not to have to throw in gettone every few seconds. If that prospect doesn't smile at you, They will try to arrange your booking at Informazioni Turistiche Alberghiere in between 9 a 10 peronem (codz. 8.30-21.30). In the season, however, you have to queue for a few hours and after reaching the window all cheap rooms, which were still available after your arrival at the station, will probably be redeemed. The amount of the fee charged there depends on the standard of accommodation and is from 2000 L do 5000 L; the bill for the first night is paid in advance, as part of the deposit.


Even in the one-star zone, prices are high in Florence, in peak season on average above 35 000 L. From October to April, prices drop slightly, partly because of this, that in summer breakfast is practically obligatory, which costs around 5 000-10 000 L per person. The maximum cost of the room should be posted on the hotel door; if it isn't or if you have other concerns, they must be reported to the EPT.
Larger centers of one and two star hotels are located a few hundred meters from the train station, especially on and around Via Faenza and the parallel Via Fiume, east of the station. A decent one, although more noisy, is via Cavour, main road from the northern districts to the area around the duomo. On the other side of the station are a number of hotels on via della Scala, often more inviting than on the eastern side, while Piazza Maria Novel-la, which is reached via della Scala — offers a range of hotels in one of the city's most atmospheric locations.

The specific hotels listed below — most one-star hotels — offer slightly more favorable conditions than the competition; the prices shown are the minimum cost of a double room in summer, no bathroom, but with breakfast, unless otherwise stated.


Azzi, via Faenza 56 (•213806). Most of the rooms face the garden and Azzi is probably the nicest of the six guesthouses occupying the upper floors of this building; 41 000 L. others, at the same prices, to: Merlini (»212848); Harmony (211146); Marini (•284824); Anna (••298322) the Paola (•213682).

Tomy’s Inn, via Faenza 77 (»284119). Run by a Canadian and her Italian husband, photographer 44000 L.

Erina, via Fiume 17 (• 284343). On the third floor of an old palazzo, with seven double rooms; only open from mid-July to mid-September. 34000 L.

Desiree, via Fiume 20 (•262382). W 1987 the hotel has undergone a major renovation - stained glass, counterfeit antique furniture and a bathroom in every room - and is now a two-star. 72000 L.

Ausonia and Rimini, via Nazionale 24 (•496547). Halfway between the train station and the market; recently renovated and inviting. 39 000 L.

Concordia, via delPAmormo 14 (•213233). Perfectly located in the heart of the market area; there are no bathrooms in the rooms and no breakfast is served. 34000 L.

My home, Piazza Santa Maria Novella 23 (•213061). Pleasantly dilapidated, with very helpful owners - the best in this square. 38 000 L.

Giacobazzi, Piazza Santa Maria Novella 24 (294679). Popular with visiting Italians and has only seven rooms, so you usually have to reserve your seats well in advance. 34000 L.

The Romagnola (»211597) i Gigliola (‘•287981), oba przy via della Scala 40. Przy via della Scalla, more inviting than via Faenza on the other side of the train station, there are also many cheap hotels, and these two are the best of them — only downside is the midnight quiet. At 42 rooms are often places here, even when other hotels are overbooked. 33000 L.


Genzianella (•572141) i Saronarola (•587824), both on via Cavour 112. One-star with decent prices. In the first one, breakfast is not served and the price for a double room is 34000 L; in the latter the price is about 9000 L higher due to breakfast. There is also a two-star Benvenuti in the same building (• 573909), 56 000 L.

Angelic panorama, via Cavour 60 (• 214243). In the university district; favorite of school trips. 49 000 L.

Giglio, via Cavour 85 (•486621). Another two-star with fair prices on this main street. 51000 L.

Rudy, via San Galio 51 (*475519). Much quieter than the hotels on the parallel Via Cavour; night silence Fr. 1.00. 38 000 L.

Splendor, via San Galio 30 (* 483427). Located in an old palazzo, calm two-star, where accommodation is a good deal, if you wriggle out of breakfast - otherwise the bill jumps from 47 000 L do 61 000 L.

Brunette. Borgo Pinti 5 (*2478134). Cheap and well positioned, just east of the duomo. 33000 L.

Donatello, via Alfieri 9 (* 245870). In a quiet area between Piazzale Donatello and Piazza d'Azeglio; highly recommended — stylishly refurbished, spacious and run by young management. 41 500 L. It is small at the same address, clean and modest pensione, Lausanne (*245840); if it is clearly marked as soon as you arrive, breakfast can be avoided. 42 500 L.

Veneto, via Santa Reparata 33 (*294816). A comfortable two-star, although school trips often come here. 59000 L.


Zurich, via dell’Oriolo 17 (•2340644). Common, but clean, and only two steps from the duomo. 44000 L.

Bataria, Borgo Albizi 26 (* 2340313). A bit south behind Zurigo, installed in a 16th-century palazzo, with appropriate interior design. 39 000 L.

Bruno, via del Proconsolo 5 (*263648). Noisy and a bit run down, but with friendly and knowledgeable owners; no single rooms. 41 000 L.

Color, via Calzaiuoli 13 (*210301). A tiny and inviting place on the main pedestrian street (walk) in the city. 39 000 L.

Davanzati, via Porta Rossa 15 (*283414). Usytuowany pomiędzy via Tornabuoni to Piazza della Signoria, that is, in the heat of events; low prices for this standard and friendly atmosphere. 40000 L.

Alexander. Borgo Santi Apostoli 17 (* 283438). This 2-star hotel is housed in a 16th-century palazzo, and the furnishings are a bizarre mix of antiques and cheap modern furniture; people associated with fashion shows come here, so advance booking is required in September. 49 000 L.

Baskets, Borgo Santi Apostoli 25 (*214213). A seven-room flat next to the Uffizi, equipped with massive furniture from the 1920s and earlier. 37 000 L.


Bandini sisters, Santo Spirito square 9 (*215308). Huge rooms, lovely decor (including marble fireplaces) and the stunning views from the tripartite loggia make up one of the best accommodation options in Florence. 46000 L.

The Ladder, via Guicciardini 13 (*283028). From the rooftop terraces, you can see the Bóbola gardens from one side, and on the other a city; worth a little more. 56000L.

Student accommodation

Most of the students at the university here are not Florentines, So many institutions were established - most of them run by religious organizations - providing accommodation for visitors. Outside the academic year (VI-X) some of these lodgings are open to young tourists, and a few have some vacant rooms even while studying. In addition to the quarters listed below, there is also a little Case ilello Studente, run by university authorities and sometimes made available to city visitors; information on these can be obtained from the EPT. We provide prices per person here.

Obiatę Sisters of the Holy Spirit, via Nazionale 8 (* 298202). A few steps from the station. Run by nuns, but open to both sexes from mid June to October. Very clean and nice; rooms with one, two or three beds; night silence at midnight. Do 25 000 L including breakfast.

Obiatę Sisters of the Assumption, via Borgo Pinti 15 (• 2480582). Not far from the duomo. Also run by nuns and co-ed, open from mid-June to / end of July and throughout September (though 4-5 beds are available all year round). Single and double rooms; night silence at midnight. Below 20000 L; without breakfast.

Gould Institute, via dei Serragli 49 (*212576). In Oltramo, za Ponte alla Carrara. The reception is on the second floor (often nobody reacts to the bell); open Mon-Fri. 9.00-13.00 i 15.00-19.00 throughout the year. The recently refurbished Gould is very popular, so it is wise to make a reservation in advance. From 13000 L; without breakfast.

Pius X - Artigianelli, via dei Serragli 106 (*225044). Probably the cheapest place in town. Don't be put off by the portrait of Pope Pius X at the top of the stairs - the management is friendly and the atmosphere is informal. The restaurant is open all day all year round, but at any time of the year it is better to check in before 9.00, because 35 beds are quickly snapped up. Rooms with two, three and four beds. 10000 L.

Hostels and campsites

Santa Monaca, via Santa Monaca 6 (*268338). In Oltramo, near Istituto Gould. Private hostel, so no IYHF ID needed; reservations can be made in the hours 8.00-9.30 and po 16.00. Possibility to prepare meals, free hot water showers and unlimited duration of stay. Silence at night Fr. 23.30. 13 000 L without breakfast. Very popular.

Villa Camerata Hostel, viale Righi 2 (*601451). 30-1 minute journey by bus 17b from the train station. Hidden in a beautiful park, Villa Camerata is a beautiful 16th-century house with plafond frescoes and a wide loggia. Reception is open from 14.30, and since you cannot be at this time, it is better to check by phone, is there any reason to go. If you don't have an IYHF. you can buy a special tourist card, valid also in other hostels. Silence at night Fr. 24.00. Breakfast and linen included 13000 L; optional dinner after 7000 L (no kitchen appliances).


Italians and Foreigners, viale Michelangelo 80 (*6811977). Open from April to October, always crowded, thanks to its beautiful hillside location. The best way to get there is by bus no 13 from the train station. 480 places; possibility of preparing meals. 4400 L per person; 4000 L from the tent.

Villa Camerata, viale Righi 2-4 (• 610300). A scantily equipped campsite in a youth hostel. 60 places. 4000 L per person; 6500 L from the tent.

Panoramic, via Peramonda, near Fiesole (* 599069). Beautiful location on a hill north of the city, but you have to take bus no 7 do Fiesole, and then another bus to the campsite itself. 7000 L per person; 4500 L from the tent.


Every summer, the city council opens an Area di Sosta, emergency accommodation area, which usually consists of a patch of ground covered by a hastily erected roof. Accommodation is free there, and for a small fee you can take a shower. At the moment, Area di Sos ta is in the territory of ViUa Favard, n via Rocca Tedalda (690022), access by bus no.14a.

Despite the problems with accommodation and high prices, you should not be tempted to camp in the wild outside the city, for in recent years many Florentines and foreigners, including most of the campers, were murdered by a maniac called Il Mostro, who is still at large.

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