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For updated information about it, what's going on in Florence - from informal politics to what happens after dark - you can visit the Box Office, via della Pergola 1Oa / r (10.00-20.00; 242361), the local VHF Controradio station. Rubrics: co? where? when? can be found in magazines such as "Firenze Spettacolo", Metro and Time OfF”.

Musical life

Fixed Nail, via Dante Alighieri 16r. Good guitar music, and sometimes jazz; open every evening.

Pegaso, via Palazzuclo 82r. Jazz performers 22.00-2.30; cheap membership card.

Amadeus, via Alfani 26r. Jazz i rock, plus cabaret shows Thurs.. i nd. ; records at the door. Pn. closed.

Stonehenge, via dell’ Amorino 16r. A place for rockers, operating under the slogan "Learn to play and come to us". Wt. -nd. 22.00-4.00.

Genius, via San Galio 22r. Jazz sessions organized by the local Red Bean formation, every evening except Saturdays from 22.00; good food and drink, but the decor is unpleasantly cool.

Jazz Club, via Nuova de’Caccini 3. Exactly as the name suggests. Pn. closed.

Clubs / music bars / other music venues

Liquid, Borgo Albizi 9. As if underground-avant-garde, with constantly changing interior design. Open every evening from 22.00 until the early morning hours.

Last Exit, Borgo Pinti 17r. The focus of psychedelic tendencies. Wt.-nd. 22.00-3.00.

Cayenna, via Carducci 37r. Local environmental activists come here; beer is served, wine and fresh croissants until late at night. Wed-Mon. 21.00-1.00.

Danny Rock, via Pandolfini 13. They hire a French cook, who makes wonderful crepes (Pancakes) and other dishes; concerts and sports competitions are shown on large screens hanging from the ceiling. Open 19.30-1.00 (2.00 sb.).

Whim, Lungamo Cellini 1 r. A new venue with a video jukebox and outdoor listening areas, close to Arno — unfortunately there is a busy street between the river and the club.

CaR Voltaire, via della Scala 9r. The base of the leftist association, which organizes exhibitions, video shows, readings and other events; annual membership is compulsory, but cheap - which cannot be said about the restaurant in this place.


Some discos operate as private clubs, but usually it does not pose any problems for foreigners; up-to-date information can be obtained from Box Office, in contact with all premises. Admission usually costs around 10000 L, where the first drink comes in.

Tenax, via Pratese 47, Peretola (bus no 29). Florence's biggest and most popular disco, one of the main venues for new and established bands to perform. Open Wed-Sun.

Space Electronic, via Palazzuolo 37. The first disco in Florence, where video was introduced, and still in the vanguard; currently equipped with a glass parquet and lasers, favorite among young foreigners. Open every evening.

Yab Yum, Via de’Sassetti 5r. In the center, with a huge dance floor. Pn. closed.

Tabasco, Piazza Santa Cecilia 3r (pn. closed); Flamingo, via Pandolfini 26. Major gay discos.


Florence does, what can, to live up to its sublime history: special art exhibitions are organized throughout the year, and the cultural calendar is filled with opera programs, theatrical, ballet and music. Information in English about concerts and performances can usually be obtained from the city council kiosks in Piazza Repubblica or at the Palazzo Vecchio; other possibilities are travel offices, posters and local newspapers. Advance sale of tickets for most events is conducted by Box Office (see "Nightlife"), where tickets for larger concerts in other cities can also be purchased.


Maggio Musicale Fiorentino is one of the most famous opera and classical music festivals in Italy; despite the name, it is not limited to May, but runs from late April to early July. Performances and concerts are held at the Teatro Comunale, Pergoła Theater, Palazzo dei Congressi and sometimes in the gardens of Bóbola. Information and tickets - usually expensive - at the festival site, Municipal Theater, at Corso Italia 16 (*2779236). Comunale also has a winter concert season from November to mid-December and an opera season from mid-December to mid-January.

Summer in Fiesole, held every summer in Fiesole, it's a little less exclusive festival, focused more on chamber and symphonic music. It also includes films and performances by theater groups, and most of the events take place in the outdoor Teatro Romano.

From October to June, he organizes Musicus Concentus concerts, classical music company, sometimes organizing high-quality jazz events; discounts for students are not uncommon.


Teatro della Pergola, via della Pergola 12 (2479651) is the main theater with a classical repertoire, whose main rival is the Teatro Yariety, via del Madon-none 47 (* 663666). Niccolini Theater, via Ricasoli 3 (213282), belongs to the oldest in the city, but the repertoire is definitely contemporary. Spektakle Tuscan Regional Theater, a highly valued regional theater company, are held at various theaters in the city.


There are many cinemas in Florence, but only two of them display non-dubbed films: in Astro, n Piazza San Simone (near Santa Croce) mainly English-language films are shown (wt.-nd. ), natomiast w Spazio Uno, near Santa Maria Novella in via del Sole 10 films in English are shown sporadically. From June to September, there is a film review on an open-air screen in Forte Belvedere, over the gardens of Bóbola - the scenery is beautiful, and movies are usually good.

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