From Trieste to Duino

From Trieste to Duino

The bathing area closest to Trieste on the Triestine Riviera, as it is proudly called, is the 20-kilometer stretch of coast from Duino - this is BARCOLA, where does the bus no 6. It was built during the heyday of Trieste at the end of the 19th century., and now it's more of a suburb, which comes alive in the summer, when the whole city seems to be flocking here for gossip, sun and sea baths. Even though cargo ships and tankers are anchored in the port, the water is relatively clean, and the showers can be used for free.


Bielutieńki MIRAMARE castle on the headland of a rocky cape, 7 km to Trieste, is the main tourist attraction of the region, building reminiscent of the times of Louis of Bavaria. (Access by bus no 36 from Trieste or Barcola or by train from Trieste). Archduke Maximilian Ferdinand, younger brother of Emperor Franz Joseph, at this point he was carried ashore by a squall and decided to buy the headland. In years 1856-1870 a castle was erected and the surroundings were developed, but Maximilian did not live to see the completion of the construction - having accepted Napoleon III's offer to take the throne of the "Emperor of Mexico" in 1867 r. he was executed by the Mexican Republicans. His wife Charlotte has gone mad, which gave rise to a legend, that everyone will end badly, who will spend the night in Miramare.

Kitschy interior (pn. 9.30-13.30, wt.-pt. 9.30-13.30 i 14.30-18.00, sb. i nd. 9.00-12.30 i 14.30-18.00) is a great example of royal decadence. For example, the "Monarch's Salon" is decorated with portraits of the King of Norway, the Emperor of Brazil, Tsar of Russia etc.. —Even the greatest liar and despot could find his place here, as long as he was a monarch. The living room, in a way, prepares for a tour of the bedroom with paintings presenting the most important events in the history of the region, the crowning achievement of which was, of course, the construction of the castle. Other halls are arranged like ship quarters, which reflects Maksymilian's attachment to the Austrian Navy.

From time to time you can take a boat from Trieste to Miramare - information at the tourist office. In July and August, the "light and sound" show entitled "Maksymilian Mexican: emperor's tragedy ", twice every Tuesday evening, Thursdays and Saturdays; the first screening on Tuesdays is in English.

Duino and surroundings

DUINO town (bus no 43 from Trieste) it is dominated by a 16th century castle, to this day the seat of the princes Thum and Taxis. It was here that Rilke began to write Duine Elegies, work dedicated to the duchess - the mistress of the castle. Only organized tours can visit the castle, but you can get to the ruins of the 11th century castle (codz. 10.00-12.00 i 17.00-19.00), from where there are wonderful views.

The bus from Trieste continues to SAN GIOVANNI DEL TIMAVO, stopping at the gothic church of San Giovanni in Tuba, built on the site of a basilica from the 5th century. A few meters away, just below the road level, the Timavo River emerges from the limestone, after about forty kilometers of an underground current. The water is freezing cold, and in the deep river lake below the spring, emerald ferns undulate with the current. Despite the hustle and bustle, it is a mysterious place. The source is described in Virgil's Aeneid, and the Greek geographer and explorer Strabo says, that a sacred forest grew here, where horse sacrifices were made to Diomedes, the hero of the Trojan War.

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