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Venice accommodation

If you are coming to Venice without a reservation and you don't want to spend the first hours looking for a hotel, it is worth using the services of reservation offices, which are located at the train station (codz. 8.00-20.00), and Tronehetto (9.00-20.00), na Piazzale Roma (9.00-21.00), at Marco Polo airport (in summer 9.00-19.00, in winter 12.00-19.00) and at the motorway exit to Venice (8.00-20.00). They only take care of hotel reservations and take 10 000L deposit, which is deducted from the bill for the first night.


The season runs in Venice from mid-March to the end of October, and also for two weeks at Christmas, New Years and Camevale (ten days in February before Ash Wednesday). Going to town during any of these times, it is most wise to book a hotel room in advance, and in July and August it is even necessary.
In winter you can often get a discount on the room rate, but because many hotels are closed from November to February, you may be forced to search for a long time.

In the hotel, breakfast should be ordered at the guest's discretion, but often hotel owners skip this provision by saying, that the room rate includes breakfast. Whenever possible, please order a room without breakfast, because even in the poorest hotels for a coffee teapot and a tiny bun they can add to your bill. 9000L. For this money, you can enjoy a solid breakfast at a local bar.

The prices listed below are for the most part (with the exceptions given) minimal prices for a double room without breakfast, addition which may not be avoided. At the peak of the season, you should expect prices of approx. 10% higher.

San Marco

Petrarch's House, Calle delle Colonne, San Marco 4394 (•700430). Cheapest near St.. Brand. Double rooms from 32 000L. Better to book by phone (only six rooms). Staff very welcoming, also speaks english.

Fiorita, Campiello New, San Marco 3457 (• 5234754). Only nine rooms, so better to book in advance. Hospitable owners. Near the traghetto by the Grand Canal. 32000L.

San Samuele, Swimming pool S. Samuele, San Marco 3358 (•5228045). Nice little hotel. Rooms cleaner and more tidy, than in other hotels of this category. 37 000L.


Ancient Capon, Field S. Margherita, Dorsoduro 3004 (• 5285292). Located on one of the most beautiful squares in the city, in the center of the student district. 38 OOOL.

Montin, Fondamenta di Borgo, Dorsoduro 1147 (•5227151). Only seven rooms. Known for its exclusive restaurant, which does not fit into the hotel category. 35 OOOL.

San Polo

Ca ’Fóscari, Calle della Frescada, Dorsoduro 3888 (•5225817). Hidden in a tiny street near San Tom near the university. Satisfied, pleasant decor, relaxed atmosphere. Despite its small size (ten rooms), you can sometimes find a spare room here, when other hotels are full. 33 OOOL.

Stefania, Fondamenta Tolentini, S. Croce 181 (•5203757). A few minutes from Piazzale Roma. International clientele. Great rooms, some with puzzling murals. 32 OOOL.

Sturion, Sturion Street, S. Polo 679 (• 5236243). Popular with Italian families. You have to make a reservation. One of the few relatively cheap and good hotels on the Granda canal. 30 OOOL.

Tivoli, Crosera S. Trousers, Dorsoduro 3638 (•5237752). The largest of the relatively cheap hotels in the area (24 rooms). He often has vacancies, when the others are overcrowded. 36 OOOL.


AUe Guglie. Rio Terra S. Leonardo, Cannaregio 1523 (•717351). Miniature hotel - four rooms with one bathroom. Cheapest in town. 22 OOOL.

Casa Carettoni, Spain list, Cannaregio 130 (•716231). Much more convenient than other one star hotels nearby. 40 OOOL.

Eden, Rio Tera Maddalena, Cannaregio 2357 (• 720228). Perfect for solo travelers - single rooms from 20 OOOL. Double from 30 OOOL.


Al Piave, Ruga GiufFa, Castello 4838 (*5285174). Not very picturesque, but clean.

38 OOOL.

Bernardi Semenzato Hotel, Calle dell’Oca, Cannaregio 4366 (* 5227257). The owners speak good English and seem interested in the fate of underprivileged young people visiting the city. Single rooms from 19 OOOL, double from 30 OOOL. Shower approx. 2000L extra.

Caneva, Branch of the broad bean, Castello 5515 (•5228118). Near the busy Campo San Bartolomeo, but very relaxed and enjoyable. Windows overlook one side of the inner courtyard, on the other on the Rio della Fava. 28 OOOL.

want, Fondamenta del Vin, Castello 4656 (•5224267). Behind San Marco, towards San Zaccaria. The majority of 11 the rooms overlook the Rio del Vin, the rest to the courtyard.


St. Anne, Corte del Bianco, Castello 269 (• 5286466). Located near Giardini S Pubblici. Good for families with children. Rooms for three or four people. Despite its location far from the center (east of Via Garibaldi), has become popular in recent years. Better to book a room in advance. 32 OOOL.

Tuscany-Tofanelli, Garibaldi Street, Castello 1650 (*5235722). Spartan, but beautifully situated. A very good trattoria. For lonely tourists, one of the best - single rooms 18 OOOL, double from 32 OOOL.


Venetian youth hostels, most of which are run by religious foundations, are usually convenient, well organized, inexpensive and even in high season you can find some vacancies. Every year, the tourist office prints leaflets with a list of all the hostels in the city. If all of the following turned out to be complete, you have to ask for such a leaflet in the office in St.. Brand.

Archie’s House, Rio Tera San Leonardo, Cannaregio 1814 / b (*720884). Archie himself is likable, but its rules are quite strict. Doesn't accept anyone below 21 years, does not tolerate arguments and requires payment in advance. Prices vary depending on the size of the group, seasons and number of nights, from 13 OOOL do 17 OOOL. Breakfast is not served.

Domus Cavanis, Rio Tera Foscarini, Dorsoduro 912 (*5287374). Catholic hostel, so separate rooms for men and women. VI-IX. 27 OOOL per person for an overnight stay in a double room. 8000L full lunches.

Domus Civica, Calle Campazzo, San Polo 3082 (*721103). Student residence in winter, June-July and September-October open to tourists. Most double rooms with running water. Showers at no extra charge. Breakfast is not served. Guest reception 7.30-11.30. The night hour of Fr. 23.30. Ok. 22 OOOL per person.

Waldensian guesthouse, Santa Maria Formosa, Castello 5170 (• 5286797). Difficult to find: you have to go from Campo Santa Maria Formosa along Calle Lunga – the chalet is located behind the bridge at the end of the street. Two large halls and two rooms for two to four people and a self-contained apartment for three to six people. Very nice. Rooms reserved for a considerable period of time in advance. Reception 11.00-13.00 i 18.00-20.30. 20 OOOL per person for a night in a smaller room, 16 OOOL for the night in the collective room (the price includes breakfast and shower).

Venice hostel, Fondamenta delle Zitelle, Giudecca 86 (*5238211). Official YHA Youth Hostel. Magnificently situated on the island of Giudecca overlooking San Marco. The waiting room opens at 12.00 in summer, to the 16.00 in winter. Reception from 18.00 (better come earlier). X-V telephone bookings are accepted. The night hour of Fr. 23.30, the shelter must be left to 9.00 morning. If it's full, do not be put off, because then the management of the shelter lends the premises of the local school, where you sleep on mattresses. 12 OOOL (including breakfast and linen). Full (perfectly) 8000L extra meals. IYHF cards are required, but you can make them on the spot.


All campsites require access by vaporetto. Many of them are located along the Litorale del Cavallino, on the section from Punta Sabbioni to Jesolo, Marina of Venice (Via Montello 6, *966146; IV-IX; minimum. time of visit – 3 days) i Miramare (Dante Alighieri seafront 29; * 966150; IV-IX). Kursuje tam z Riva degli Schiavoni mporetto # 14 (get off in Punta). However, these campsites are expensive and, in addition, access by tram takes place 40 min.

The Lido is closer. The San Nicoló campsite is located there, Riviera San Nicoló 65 (• 767415; an international camping card is required), that 150 places.

The year-round campsite is situated in Fusina (Mestre Fusina, Via Moranzani, •969055). Direct mporetto # 16 only runs there in summer, and at other times of the year you have to take the bus to Mestre and change there.

Tourists used to put sleeping bags on the stairs and in the square in front of the train station, but sleeping there was forbidden two years ago. Instead, Scuola San Caboto opened its doors, Cannaregio 1104/f (*716629; Access via signs from the delle Guglie bridge on Canale di Cannaregio), which accepts nowhere to go saccopelisti (what are they called here). There is a fee of 5000L for an overnight stay in an outdoor garden, for setting up your own 8000L tent, for sleeping in a rented tent 6500L, and for an overnight stay in a dormitory room in one of the school buildings 10 OOOL. The school is open 19.00-24.00, and in the morning you have to move out to 9.00.

Recently the saccopelisti have started to come back, but not to the station anymore, but to the opposite bank of the canal, near San Simeone Piccolo. The situation changes from year to year and you can find out at the tourist office at the station, whether San Caboto was joined by other shelters for amateurs of sleeping in sleeping bags. The Salesian Fathers give young tourists free accommodation in the cloisters: Salesian Patronage Leo XIII, Castello 1281 (*5285586 or *5287299).

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