Further from Bologna: south to Tuscany

Further from Bologna: south to Tuscany

In the summer heat, the need to get out of Bologna becomes hot and you can count on cooling in the hills, almost right outside the city gates. An overwhelming destination for a short trip is the 17th-century Chiesa di Madonna di San Luca, near 4 km outside the city, but connected to it by the world's longest portico, which meanders among the hills in series 666 arcades and provide a cover for pilgrims climbing to the top. Buses no 21 or 22 they stop at the beginning of the route, near Porta Saragozza - southwest of the center; but the walk itself is probably more enjoyable than visiting the church itself, which is the purpose of the trip.

Continue towards Tuscany N. 325 leads through PONTECCHIO MARCONI, where at the end of the 19th century. Guglielmo Marconi lived and hence in 1895 r. he sent his brother information over the radio to the other side of the hill. Marconi rests here in a specially designed mausoleum, near the remains of the "Elettra" boat, from which he illuminated v 1930 r. in Genov the warship "Sydney". Coming here, it is also worth stopping at SASSO MARCONI, a few kilometers away, to try creseente ripiena (croissants stuffed with cheese and herbs).

The road from here towards Pistoia is beautiful, climbs above the Setta Valley, passing chestnuts and small towns. However, the road is busy and the side roads are a bigger attraction, especially in the hills between Bologna and Modena.

Located a few kilometers from Sasso Marconi, MARZABOTTO has a direct bus connection to Bologna and is known for its massacre 1800 people, which happened here during the last war. Right outside the city are also the ruins of the Etruscan city of Misa (wt.-nd. 8.00-until dusk). You can get your bearings here, where the residential districts were located, city ​​gates, how the streets and sewers ran, fragments of temples and several tombs have also been preserved, which prove, that there were top artisans in the city and it was more than just a stopping point between Etruria and the Po Valley.

Museum (9.00-12.00 i 15.00-18.30) contains a number of finds, from the remains of a pipe system of water supply to household items with the words "mi venelus" ("I belong to Yenelus") or "mi Sualus" ("I belong to Sualus").

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