Venice – Gastronomy

Venice – Gastronomy

As expected, Venetian restaurants are dominated by fish and seafood. Typical antipasti (starters) there are prawns, cuttlefish and octopus, and also Murano crabs and sarde in saor (pickled sardines). Another common dish is eel cooked in Marsala wine, cod (salted cod) i seppioline nere (small cuttlefish cooked in its own incaust), but the most typical dish is risotto made from rice grown in the Po Valley.

Venice is also known for cookies and candies. It's worth trying the thin ones, oval baicoli biscuits, cinnamon-spiced bussolai rings (Burano specialty) and a cross between nougat and toffee made of almonds, mandolate. The remnants of the Austrian occupation are krapfen cream or marmalade stuffed (Donuts) and the ubiquitous strudel.

Restaurants and pizzerias

Almost every restaurant in Venice advertises the turistico menu at a fixed price, which is perhaps a cheap way of tasting Venetian specialties, but quality, and most of all the quantity, differs from single dishes ordered from the menu. Generally, the farther from San Marco, the quality of the restaurant increases, and prices are falling. A large number of restaurants near San Marco offer meals, which don't seem expensive, but often the food is not very good there, small portions, and the service is rude.

(The addresses below are provided with the name of the district, in which the street or square is located. Prices include a full meal and a quarter liter of wine).

Below 20 000 L

To the Rowers, Three Arches Bridge; Cannaregio. Cousin ok. 5000L, according to 9000L. Sometimes bands perform here, but then the bar prices are higher. Bar and restaurant 19.00-24.00. nd.

All’Anfora, Old List of Bari; San Polo. Straight, local restaurant. Open from early morning, when she serves her morning coffee, the late evening. A lonely woman is welcomed here and not treated in advance. We recommend the seafood risotto and spaghetti dei doge. Closed. pt.

AUe Ocbe, Tintor Street (on the south. lähde: Campo S. Giacomo dell’Orio); San Polo. Ok. 50 kinds of pizza. Closed. pn.

At the Zattere, Campo Sant’Agnese; Dorsoduro. We recommend primavera with vegetables.

Ancient Capon, Campo San Margherita; Dorsoduro. A wide selection of pizzas, including the less widely known pizzas with gorgonzola cheese and walnuts. Good prosciutto with starters (ham). Closed. Wed.

Dalia Cea, Calle del Fumo (przecznica Fondamente Nuove); Cannaregio. Prosta trattoria. The clientele is made up of local employees. In summer, a few tables outside under the roof grate. Grilled cuttlefish Dobre. Tourist menu 12 OOOL.

Honest Woman, Calle della Madonna (near I Frari); San Polo. Popular and very nice. Best to ask for the special of the day. For much less than 20 OOOL you can eat a solid dinner and drink a lot of wine. 12.00-15.30 i 18.00-23.00. Closed. nd.

Bruno's Frigittoria, Calle Lunga San Barnaba; Dorsoduro. Similar to Donna Onesta, but a bit cheaper, less elegant and more modest. It is best to choose dishes from the menu. 13.00-14.30 i 18.15-22.30; closed. Wed. at lunchtime and all day sun.

Mysterious Island, Rio Terra Scozzera (Campo S block. Margherita, right next to the square); Dorsoduro. The food was good (also vegetarian), but a small portion, and the prices are a bit too high. 11.00-15.00 i 18.00-23.30.

Lost paradise, Foundations of Mercy; Cannaregio. Open from noon to midnight (or longer, if there are guests). There is a popular bar to the front. The atmosphere is lively and relaxed. Architecture students come here, entertainers and some homosexuals. Bar prices are higher, when the band is playing (usually N / A). Dinners 15 0OOL-3O OOOL. Closed. Wed.

San Bartolomeo rotisserie, Calle della Bissa; San Marco. A kind of bigger snack bar downstairs. Dinners starting from 10 OOOL. First you have to take a seat at one of the long tables under the windows, and then place an order at the counter. Good for quick, cheap and non-pizza meal. 12.00-14.30 i 16.30-21.00. Closed. pn.

San Toma, Campo San Toma; San Polo. Tables in the square and under the pergola in the back. Big pizzas, but the meal comes out expensive due to coperto (cover fee) in the amount of 2000L and 12% service allowance. Excellent homemade pasta and dumplings. Closed. pn.

Tuscany, Garibaldi Street (at the end of the street); Arsenal. Simple restaurant, small selection, but all dishes are good and cheap. 12.00-14.00 i 18.00-20.00; closed. Wed.

20 000-30 OOOL

Al Masceron, Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa; Castello. Pseudo-artistic atmosphere. Good bar food. It's worth coming here, if you understand Italian well and when it is not too crowded here. First 4000-6000L, second 8000-12 OOOL. 11.00-15.00 i 18.00-23.00. Closed. nd.

To a Million, Court of the Milion (at the back of San Giovanni Crisostomo); Castello. Trattoria with a snack bar. A wide selection of wines from the Veneto. 10.30-14.30 i 17.30-22.30. Closed. Wed.

Ancient Pier, Fondamenta degli Ormesini (near the ghetto); Cannaregio. Formerly a local family restaurant, more popular every year. Good, inexpensive food. Closed. Wed.

More than 30 OOOL

Altanella, DelfErbe Street; Giudecca. We recommend, if someone wants to truly feast. Delicious fish dishes. Terrace overlooking the Giudecca canal. Best to reserve a table (• 5227780). Closed. pn., wt. and all winter.

Locanda Montin, Fondamenta di Borgo; Dorsoduro. He has a very good opinion, but quality is not a feature of steel, as you would expect for the prices. Meal, for which you pay approx. 30 OOOL, elsewhere it would certainly cost less. Literary and artistic restaurant: they used to visit here, among others. Pound, Hemingway, Peggy Guggenheim i Visconti. There is also a commercial art gallery. Reservation is often necessary (•5227151). Closed. wt., Wed. and two weeks in I and VIII.


There aren't many places in Venice, which you can come to late at night for a drink. Among the places listed under the hits "Restaurants and pizzerias” and "Bars" are open until late:
To the Rowers, AWAnfora, Al Masceron, To a Million, Corner Pub, From Codroma, Harry’s Bar, Mysterious Island, Paradise Lost i Wine Wine.


Most often, people come to a Venetian bar for a refreshing sip of wine, which is drunk in one gulp from a tiny glass (the so-called. shadow). Entuzjaści wina powinni spróbować kilku rodzajów ombre w barze enoteca (e.g.. Al Volto), gdzie pierwszeństwo daje się właśnie jakości i wyborowi wina. W większości barów można także coś zjeść, od tramezzini do przekąsek bardziej egzotycznych, zwanych cicheti.

Al Volto, Calle Cavalli (koło Campo S. Luca); San Marco. 1300 rodzajów win z Włoch i innych krajów. Tylko niektóre są tanie. Dobre przekąski. 9.00-13.00 i 16.30-21.00. Closed. nd.

Cantina del Vino gia Schiari, Fondamenta Maravegie (naprzeciw S. Trovaso); Dorsoduro. Znakomity sklep z winami i bar. Zanim kupisz, lepiej spróbuj. 9.00-13.30 i 15.15-20.30.

Corner Pub, Calle della Chiesa; Dorsoduro. It looks a bit like an English pub. Just like in Vino Vino, Here you can meet some enthusiastic art history students from England, but the character of the bar is typically Venetian. 7.00-15.00 i 18.00-2.00; closed. wt.

From Codroma, Fondamenta Briati; Dorsoduro. You can sit here for a few hours with a beer and a book, and feel very in place. Works by local artists are exhibited here, there are poetry evenings and concerts of music bands.

Do Mori, Calle Do Mori (just around the corner Ruga Vecchia S. Giovanni); San Polo. Narrow bar with no tables. Mainly for Rialto traders and porters, therefore closed. at noon (they all go home then). Perfect snacks. Great atmosphere - one of the most authentic market bars. 9.00-13.00 i 17.00-20.00. Closed. Wed. in the afternoon and Sun.

Do Spade, Subport of the Do Spade; San Polo. Not even found with a map. Pass Do Mori and go straight ahead, as much as possible. Similar to Do Mori, only bigger. 9.00-13.00 i 17.00-20.00. Closed. nd.

Harry’s Bar, Calle Vallaresso; San Marco. The most fashionable bar in town since time immemorial. Known for its cocktails, sandwiches and extremely high prices. 15.00-1.00. Closed. pn.

Osteria alla Ghiacciaia, Fondamenta di Cannaregio; Cannaregio. A small local bar with great cuisine. One main course is served (different every day). A sizable meal for two along with wine should not exceed 15 OOOL. Often closes early. Closed. nd.

Wine Wine, Ponte delle Veste (near La Fenice); San Marco. A wine bar similar to Da Codroma, but more formal and a bit posh. The atmosphere, however, improves even more, im doing later. Choice over 100 types of wines. 10.00-14.00 i 17.00-1.00. Closed. wt.

Cafes, pasticcerie and ice cream parlors

Just like in any other Italian city, cafes are the center of social life here and therefore there are plenty of them everywhere. Pasticceries often have great local sweets, and also coffee, but apart from a few bar stools there is usually nothing to sit on. In Venetian gelateria (ice cream parlors) you can lose a lot of money, because ice cream is sold here in forms rarely found elsewhere.

Good cafes and pasticceries can be found in and around Campo Santa Margherita, Crosera San Pants (runs to the south. od San Rocco) oraz Campiello Meloni (between S.. Polo a S. Aponal; there are two, open on Sun., excellent pasticcerie).

Florian, St. Mark's Square. Open in the year 1720 by Floriana Francesconi. Nowadays it is decorated with frescoes and mirrors in the style of a cafe from that time. It has long been a place, where to show up, that's why regular coffee costs here 10 OOOL, and if a music band is playing, may not be enough and twice as much.

II Golosone, Salizzada San Lio; Castello. Pasticceria and bar with a great selection of pastries. Apple spremute is perfect. Closed. pn.

Marchini, San Maurizio bridge; San Marco. The most wonderful, but also the most expensive of the Venetian pasticcerie. W nd. in the morning a lot of people come here to buy sweets for dessert for the family.

Nico, Zattere ai Gesuati; Dorsoduro. An important point when wandering around this district. Known for its clogging specialty, called gianduiotto (drenched cream ice cream in a paper cup). Closed. Wed.

Paolin, Campo Morosini; San Marco. The place is widely regarded as the best ice cream shop in Venice. Especially the pistachio ice cream. The tables are set in one of the most beautiful places in the city. Closed. pt.

Takeaways, markets and shops

Because there are especially many squares in Venice, parks, especially above-water stairs, It is a pleasure to eat your own supplies in the open air, and if someone goes to one of the other islands, taking provisions is often the only way to obtain supplies for the road. Eating your own sandwiches is only forbidden in the Piazza itself, and this provision is strictly adhered to.

Takeaway pizza is available everywhere, but its quality leaves much to be desired. The best pizza and cakes in the widest selection are sold by Cip Ciap on Calle Mondo Nuovo (near S.. Maria formosa; Castello; closed. Wed).

Street vegetable and fruit markets are held every day. except NA. in various squares of the city, e.g.. in Santa Maria Formosa, Santa Margherita, Campiello dell’Anconetta, Rio Tera San Leonardo and on a barge moored at Campo San Barbara. The best of the fairs, however, is Rialto, where you can buy everything you need for a cold or warm meal (pn.-sb. 8.00-13.00, some stalls also in the late afternoon).

There is at least one alimentari in every Venetian parish (grocery store) and most of them are good. One of them can be distinguished, Aliani Gastronomy (Ruga Vecchia S. Giovanni; San Polo): there is such a wealth of cheeses here, meats and salads, the only problem is choice.

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